The Jane Williams Saxophone Studio -
     " Jane Williams is not your average saxophone teacher.  The high school band director knew that when he recommended our son switch to her studio his freshman year, telling us, "She's the only teacher whose students consistently make All State."  In the end, both our son and our daughter studied saxophone with Jane, each inheriting from her a real passion for the instrument, each consistently winning the highest honors among their high school band peers, each playing the difficult professional saxophone repertoire while still a teenager.
      Jane has a unique gift for teaching, for instilling excellence and ambition in her students.  She has an unusual ability to analyze her students' playing and to communicate to them what they need to do to make it even better, teaching them productive ways to practice on their own, and making them aware of the smallest details in their playing.  Her studio recitals are a delight, because her students, beginner and advanced alike, share her devotion to the art of the saxophone.  We will always be grateful for the remarkable influence Jane has had on our children's lives."
Susan P., Iowa City, Iowa

    " I once thought of myself as a great musician, then when I first saw the All-State Audition music my freshman year, I freaked out. From that point on I strictly thought of myself as a Jazz Musician, not a classical one what-so-ever. In my Junior year,  I  decided to join The Jane Williams Saxophone Studio to work, mostly, on the All-State Audition.
While she did prepare me enough to receive the honor of First Alternate after only a few months of lessons, she also gave me an experience that I would never find anywhere else. My perceived rival was a part of the studio and he became a friend and fellow musician because of the connection Jane provided for everyone in the studio. The connection may have not come while we were working individually, but when she gathered everyone for an All-State rehearsal or a Saxophone Extravaganza rehearsal; it felt like I was a part of something. I would have never, ever, ever received an experience like this elsewhere."
Thomas S., Iowa City, Iowa

     "When I started taking lessons from Jane, my playing ability became significantly better. She motivated me to practice and to take on more difficult pieces. Jane also helped me develop a greater sense of musicality and improve my technique. More importantly, Jane taught me how to practice and learn music efficiently. All of this has helped me to become a much improved musician now, and has given me the desire to become even better in the future."
Anna V., Iowa City, Iowa

"Prior to starting with Jane, I hadn't had very good experiences with private lesson instructors. I have been with Jane's studio for four and a half years now, and not only have I grown as a saxophonist, but I have also learned so much more about myself and about the world of music. She has countless ideas and analogies, and joining the studio has given me a new group of friends, opportunities, and skills necessary to improve for playing."
Lilian Z., Iowa City, Iowa

     "My son started working with Jane Williams the summer after he finished his first year of learning to play the Alto saxophone in grade school.  He was 11 years old.   She had immediate rapport with him and helped him change a few things about his technique.  These changes improved his sound tremendously and set him on a path of wanting to make music in our house all summer long.  During this 7th grade year, he was the only one of his grade classmates that was selected to play in the Southeast Iowa Honor Band.  He also was selected to play in the area honor band.  He hopes to continue playing saxophone in 8th grade and into high school.  He loves playing.  Jane Williams truly inspired him to be the best he could be.  Our goal was never achievement based; just technique based.  We wanted him to play correctly and love playing.  If he wanted to compete, that was entirely up to him.   He is a busy student and is involved in many things including competitive sports year round.  Playing saxophone is fun and he enjoys her studio very much.  She is very flexible and helps work with parents regarding busy schedules and the occasional need to switch lesson time."
Jone J., Iowa City, Iowa

     "Taking saxophone lessons with Jane was beneficial for me as a saxophone student but also as a person. I have directly applied the ideas that she taught me while I was taking lessons from her in high school to learning in other areas. The techniques and work ethic that Jane imparted on me helped me to be successful in everything from high school and college to somewhat less serious endeavors, like learning how to be a magician. Jane helped me to become a better saxophonist than I thought possible. Her extensive experience playing and teaching helps make her unique in the saxophone world in that she excels as both a teacher *and* as a performer because she understands how to motivate students and help them reach their best. Taking lessons with Jane was also very fun, which is an important consideration as well."
Kaspar M., Iowa City, Iowa
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